From farm to fork

I provide specialized linguistic services for the food industry and gastronomy.
My fields of expertise range from agriculture and husbandry to sales, distribution, and gastronomy.
I help small and medium sized food companies to communicate more effectively with their Italian niche market.


What I Do

I can translate your English texts in Italian.

Editing / Proofreading
I can proofread/ edit your Italian texts.

I can write for you texts that meet your Italian customers’ taste.

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When it comes to food, Italians are picky customers. That’s why foreign food companies need to communicate their value with tasteful contents, aimed to make their products stand out in a country used to a wide range of gorgeous foods, descending from an ancient tradition valued worldwide.
For this reason you need a professional translator specializing specifically in food industry and gastronomy with a solid professional background in small and middle-sized companies.

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